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Profit is only a side effectProfit is only a side effect

Profit is only a side effect

Gerold Wolfarth
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How to combine entrepreneurial success and a happy life.

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Profit is only a side effect — Inhalt

„Profit is Only a Side-Effect“ 

„For me, success means balancing all the aspects of life that make me who I am as a person.“   

Gerold Wolfarth shows you

  • Ten simple rules for how to balance entrepreneurial success and a fulfilling life.
  • The perfect tools for the day-to-day management of companies and for successful self-management.
  • How to succeed and yet to remain true to yourself. 

„Profit is Only a Side-Effect“  

is aimed at all who want to

  • live authentically and consciously,
  • communicate more effectively,
  • increase their competence,
  • be more confident,
  • be successful and fulfilled in all areas of life,
  • inspire and fascinate people.     

Six years after starting his own business, Gerold Wolfarth’s enterprise was suddenly in dire straits. But the young entrepreneur stayed strong and found a solution. While expanding his business into a market leader operating throughout Europe, he made a surprising discovery: entrepreneurial success is compatible with – and might even depend upon – taking care to lead a fulfilling life in all its aspects. Gerold Wolfarth now knows that ten points are the key to his success. In „Profit is Only a Side-Effect“, he introduces them and explains how they can guide one’s life.  

Nine surprising facts about Gerold Wolfarth

  1. From the son of simple farmer he became the CEO of a Europe-wide company.
  2. He began to manage the family farm when he was only 8 years old.
  3. He completed his first Ironman at the age of twenty-two - for months his day started at 4:30 in the morning.
  4. At the age of twenty-six he became the manager of a franchise business.
  5. He has led his company from a one-man business to the European market leader.
  6. Six years after its founding, his company was about to go out of business. He saved it.
  7. Recipe for success No. 1: Do not bend, but be open, honest and direct.
  8. Recipe for success No. 2: Concentrate on the essentials.
  9. Recipe for success No. 3: Take your fellow human beings seriously in all areas of your life. 
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Gerold Wolfarth

Über Gerold Wolfarth


Gerold Wolfarth, geboren 1970, absolvierte eine Ausbildung zum Groß- und Außenhandelskaufmann und stürzte sich mit wachem Auge ins Arbeitsleben. Die bk Group gründete er 1999 im zukünftigen Kinderzimmer seines Privatwohnhauses. Heute lenkt er ein europaweit agierendes Erfolgsunternehmen – und steht...

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